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Caterina Winery
905 N. Washington St., Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 509-328-5069, Fax: 509-325-7324

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Winery building
Michael Scott
Winery building
Michael Scott
Production: (1995) ? cases/year
Vineyards: none
Distribution: ?

Caterina Winery began its life in 1989 under the name Steven Thomas Livingstone Winery.

In 1993, the winery, equipment, and wine inventory were purchased by an investor group headed by Karen Hollon of Spokane. The Caterina name comes from the great-great-grandmother of another investor.

The Caterina Winery is located in the historic Broadview Dairy building, a Spokane landmark since the 1920's. Specifically built as a commercial dairy, the facility now includes a milk-production museum, the operating dairy, and the Caterina Winery.

Winemaker Michael Scott is a native of Cambridgeshire, England who began working as a tasting room assistant at Worden Winery in 1979 with minimal knowledge about wine. He began working with, and learning from, Worden's winemaker, Mike Conway, leaving Worden's to follow Conway when the latter started Latah Creek Wine Cellars. He became full time assistant winemaker at Latah Creek in 1985. In 1990 Scott left Latah Creek to become cellarmaster and assistant winemaker at Steven Thomas Livingstone Winery. The focus here was more technical, but unfortunately the art and science of wine had just come together in 1992 when the winery was put up for sale. Michael Scott was instrumental in encouraging a group of investors to purchase the winery to let him finish what he had begun, and he became the winemaker of the new Caterina Winery.

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Michael Scott 1993-present

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