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Steven Thomas Livingstone Winery [defunct]
Spokane, WA

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Winery building
Winery building

The winery was started in 1989 by Mr. Livingstone in a small building in Spokane.

In 1992, the winery was closed due to legal troubles over the name -- apparently a large California based company felt it was too similar to their "Livingston" product name.

In 1993, the assistant winemaker, Michael Scott organized a group of investors to buy the wineries resources, and used them to start his own, Caterina Winery.

Steve Livingstone is alive and well and living in Spokane (contacted me by email Feb-2002). Although no longer producing wines commercially, he's of course conituning to make small lots for friends and family, and is very excited with his year 2000 vintage.
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