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Charles Hooper Family Winery [defunct]
P. O. Box 215, 196 Spring Creek Road, Husum, WA 98623
Phone: 509-493-2324

[label source: Beth Schoenberg]
  • BW-WA-117; bonded 1984
  • Owners: Charles and Beverlee Hooper
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Winery building
Mosel caning
House & vineyard
Mt. Adams Huckleberry-
Apple wine label
Vineyards: 5 acres Riesling; grapes purchased from Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley, Southwestern Washington.

Charles and Beverlee Hooper lived oversees for some twenty years, including a stay in the Mosel near Trier, Germany (where Juergen Grieb of Langguth Winery got his training).

After the kids had grown, they returned to Washington and settled near Husum (1979). Hooper planted vineyards in the way he'd learned in Germany, on individual stakes (necessary on steep slopes), and learned the winemaking craft at nearby Mont Elise Winery. They opened the winery in 1984 and produced 800 cases in 1985.

Over the years, the Hooper kids went off to college, and Charles and Beverlee were having a tough time keeping up with the demands of a winery, which requires a lot of physical labor. In 1997, after many fine vintages, they sold the business to Kris and Joel Goodwillie.

They've retired to Richland WA where they have a daughter and son-in-law. The return every month for the monthly "Columbia Gorge Winetasters" meeting and are enjoying their travels and still personally guarantee that Wind River Cellars is a "most-kissable" spot on the face of the earth!

The Wines: (Spring 1997)
  • 1995 Dry Gewutztraminer
  • 1995 Chardonnay
  • 1996 White Riesling
  • 1996 Gewurztraminer
  • 1996 Merlot
  • 1996 Lemberger
  • Huckleberry-Apple

Charles Hooper 1979-1997

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