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FairWinds Winery
1984 Hastings Ave. W., Port Townsend, WA 98368
Phone: 360-385-6899

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Newsletters: Summer 1999, Nov. 1998.
Production: (1997) 450 cases/year
Vineyards: grapes purchased from Eastern Washington; will plant 3 acres of grapes in the future
Distribution: self-distributed; only available in Port Townsend

Mike Cavett and Harry Dudley found themselves in Port Townsend on Christmas Eve, 1985, as part of the Coast Guard crew assigned to clean up an Arco oil spill in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  They stayed overnight at Harry's brother's house in Port Townsend, then impetuously decided to move to Port Townsend together to start a winery.  To their surprise, their wives agreed with their plan when later informed of their decision.  Mike retired from the Coast Guard in 1991 (Harry followed him in 1994), and in 1993 Fairwinds Winery (named in honor of the winds that help sailors on their way) was born.

Fairwinds' roots actually started in 1972, when Mike's sister gave him a home winemaking kit while he was living in San Francisco.  He made what he calls "the world's worst batch of wine," but was not discouraged from continuing to make wine at home.  When the decision was made to start a commercial winery, Mike took courses at UC Davis, and engaged Stan Clarke from Eastern Washington as consultant.  The winery is calculatedly small, with growth carefully managed (600 cases are planned in 1998).  The partners made their own equipment and designed their own label; the winery building is an old horse barn on the outskirts of Port Townsend, which needed a new floor and roof before winemaking could begin.

The Wines:

Michael Cavett 1993-present

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