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Whidbey Island Greenbank Farm
765 E. Wonn Road, Whidbey Island, WA 98253
Phone: 360-678-7700

[Label source: Winery Tour pamphlet]
  • Tours: ?
  • Tasting room: ?
  • BW-WA-?; bonded 19??; first vintage 19??
  • Owners: ?
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Production: (1995) ? cases/year
Vineyards: ?

(Not to be confused with Greenbank Cellars -- an unrelated business.)

The fantastic facility was previously used by Stimson Lane (Chateau Ste. Michelle) for producing their Whidbey's Loganberry Liquor. After several years of neglect of the berry vines, they sold the property to a non-profit group (Sep. 1997). The property is substantial, over 400(?) acres, some of which are wooded and will remain so. The owners have extensive plans to make it into a wonderful park, with many different areas.

In early 1998, they planned to have their initial wines made in conjunction with Hoodsport Winery.

The Wines:


Of special note:

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