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Haviland Winery [defunct]
19029 36th W, Lynnwood, WA 98036

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Haviland started as a small industrial-park winery in Lynnwood by George DeJarnatt in 1981.

From an email exchange with George DeJarnett in 2005:

The Idaho wine pioneer, Bill Broich, bought 15 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon vines from Chateau Ste. Michelle when they decided that 15 acres in the middle of Concords was not economically viable. These vineyards were, supposedly, the oldest tract of Cabs in the state, being planted half in 1961 the remainder in 1964. This vineyard (again supposedly), provided the stock for the majority of Cabs planted in Washington, as of 1980. It is on a ledge overlooking the Yakima River on the opposite side of Benton City from Red Mountain. So Bill got into financial trouble and we bought it in 1980. The vines were so old and the soil so good, CA vintners thought the grapes were from CA.

Some interesting trivia:

Haviland is my wife's middle name.

The "Manor" on the first labels was an artists rendering of a cross between the Beringer house and other San Francisco styles.

Our first vintage, 1981, grapes were in short supply. We got a little of everything. We had one barrel of Sauvignon Blanc which went to the Atlanta Wine Festival (their 1st year also) and won a Gold and Best American Wine. It was runner-up to Best in Show to an $85 burgundy. (I'd have preferred the burgundy also.)

Haviland won the first "platinum" medal from the state of Washington. Platinum tastings were where the Gold medal winners from most "major" festivals were tasted against each other. Our 1982 barrel fermented Chardonnay won in our varietal group.

Back to the vineyards; In 1984 Haviland bought out the surrounding 40+ acres, ripped out the Concords and planted 20 acres of Chard and 20 acres of Merlot. Not all "plants" "take" the first year and these "misses" in the Merlot tract were replaced with Malbec, leaving this Merlot tract to produce some Bordeaux-style distinctiveness as a field blend.

We were initially very successful; both in tastings and in the market. We were "in the black" in our third year. This, according to Napa Valley Bank, is twice as fast as normal.

"My" last bottling was the 1985 Cab, which was unlabeled and sold to Cascade Crest Estates as their first red offering; but the cork was stamped Haviland.

Our Riesling was made at Langguth: one of the first contract winery operations after they discovered they couldn't sell 300,000 gallons of riesling.

The Woodinville facility was designed to be a 50,000 gallon winery specializing in Meritage-type wines, both red and white. (I never got to run a crush from there.) Columbia wanted the location, but the facility was too small for their operations. They split production between facilities until they could add the "box" where we had intended a croquet court. There was a "catering" kitchen: dock high loading and carts to move the prepared food to the warming ovens. (We did not want to be a restaurant, but we wanted to provide a locale for hospitality. I understand that without weddings, Haviland would have been bankrupt sooner; so we must have done something right.)

In 1986, with a large infusion of capital, a distinctive building was put up, directly across the street from Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville. Management problems arose in 1987 and DeJarnatt left the winery. George says that at this time there were numerous wineries anxious to get the Haviland grapes, including Hedges Cellars, whom he thinks bought the vineyard.

In 1989, Haviland filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the winery closed. The building was snapped up by the present tenants, Columbia Winery. The last of the Haviland wines were sold under the Haviland label there at Columbia Winery.
Sources: [email exchange with George DeJarnatt, Aug,Sep-2005] [AWN-Clark]

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