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The Hogue Cellars
Lee & Wine Country Rd., P. O. Box 31, Prosser, WA 99350
Phone: 509-786-4557

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Hogue Cellars Harvest Blanc de Blancs label
Hogue Cellars building
Harvest Blanc
de Blancs label
Newsletters: Jun 2000.
Viticulturist: Wade Wolfe
Production: (1995) 300k cases, (1997) 330k cases, (2001) 400k cases.

In 1948, with the Rosa Dam Irrigation Project, 80 acre plots of land were leased by the government to farmers. Wayne Hogue was working for such a hop grower, who was killed in a train accident. He and his wife Shyla scraped together all they could and bought the property they'd been working for hops.

Their son, Mike, started working with the business in 1964, eventually to take over it's management. In 1974, Mike planted 6 acres of Riesling financed in part by his friend Mark Schwartzman (who died in 1990). In 1981 with help from Andy Markin (a Cornell Economics Grad) they made their first batch -- 60 bottles of Riesling. Everyone who tryed it, loved it!

In summer of 1982, Mike dragged his brother Gary into starting a winery with him, and hired Mike Connelly as winemaker. They produced 2k cases that first year., 5k the next, and 10k in 1984.

Approximately 650 acres of the Hogue's 1,600 acre farm, is used to grow 9 varieties of wine grapes. The additional acres produce hops, table grapes, apples, and vegetables, some of which are pickled and sold under the Hogue Farms label.

The Winemaker is Anthony Rynders, who has a B. S. from University of Wisconson, an M.S. from U.C. Davis, and has worked at Argyle Winery in Oregon.

The Director of winemaking is David Forsyth, who started at Hogue Cellars 1984, became winemaker in 1988, and sports a B.A. from Central Washington University, and an M.S. from U.C. Davis.

The Viticulurist is Wade Wolfe, who started with Hogue Cellars in 1991, and has a Ph.D U. C. Davis. Wade is also know for his own winery, Thurston Wolfe. His consulting services are utilized by many of the wineries in Washington.

In Aug-2001, Hogue was acquired by Vincor International for $36.4 million. Vincor is also known for their R. H. Phillips subsidiary in CA.
Sources: [the winery]

The Wines:
Put simply, The Hogue Cellars makes a lot of wines! If you want it, they make it! From white to red, drink-now to shelve-for-years, from dry to sweet, they make a wine to suit your taste!

As they have their own website, I'll leave the detailed listing of wines up to them. Click on the "Hogue Website" link near the top of the page.

David Forsyth
David Forsyth 1984 - present
Anthony Rynders ? - ?
Mike Conway 1982 - 1984
Rob Griffin ?-?
Wade Wolfe
(General Manager) 1991 - present

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