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Paul Thomas Winery
2310 Holmanson Rd., Sunnyside, WA, 98944
Phone: 509-837-5606, tasting room 509-829-6990, Fax: 509-837-5612

Paul Thomas 84 Muscat Canelli label
[label source: Beth Schoenberg]
  • Tours: no
  • Tasting room: no (wines available for tasting at other AV wineries, see History)
  • Official website: http://www.paulthomaswinery.com/
  • BW-WA-?; bonded 1979, first vintage 1979
  • Owners: Associated Vintners (AV)
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1989 Chardonnay label
B&W Rhubarb wine label
old bldg
Old Bing Cherry label
Old Nectarine wine label
1992 Cabernet Sauvignon label
89 Chard. label
Rhubarb label
Old building
Old Bing Cherry
wine label
Old Nectarine
wine label
92 Cab. label
1999 Cabernet/Merlot label
1999 Cabernet/Merlot label
1999 Cabernet/Merlot label
2000 Pear wine label
Production: (1997) 150k cases, (1995) 500k gals [sic], (1992) 30k cases, (1988) 50k gals, (1986) 35k gals, (1985) 22k cases
Vineyards: ?

The winery was originally located in Bellevue/Redmond (photo above), and was named after the owner/winemaker. Paul, a Wenatchee native schoolteacher, began making vinifera wines in his home in 1968. At the prompting of friends, he tried making Bing Cherry wine. By 1979 he'd gotten serious enough to go commercial, and as a marketing decision, chose to sell only fruit wines. Later on, they added vinifera wines; in 1986 the winery produced 15k cases of fruit/berry wines, and 7k cases of grape wine.

1986 was also the first year they (Brian Carter was the winemaker at this point) produced a Chardonnay. They made 900 cases (1.5L bottles) of unoaked Chardonnay; Paul was afraid it would fail as to his knowledge, his would be the only such in America. It was sold under the "Rush Cutter Bay" label, only through a local restaurant (Anthony's Homeport), and it sold out fast.

In 1990, Paul sold the winery to his long-time cellarmaster, Mark Cave. In 1993 it was bought by Associated Vintners, the company that owns Columbia Winery. The tasting room was moved to the Woodinville location 1993(?) and closed in Dec-1995.

During 1995 they've constructed a brand new facility ($2.2M) in Sunnyside (eastern WA) where the wines are now produced (unfortunately, it's not open to the public). [One story says] it was built on the site of the Phil Church vineyard, the original 80 (60?) acre vineyard bought in AV's first expansion in 1972 (see Columbia winery page). [Another story says...] this site was the 220 acre Jolona vineyard, planted by Cascade Crest Estates.

It is currently run as an independent sister winery with it's own winemaker (I believe Mark Cave). Paul is nonchalant about no longer being associated with the production of the wines bearing his name.

Paul Thomas wines have high availability in Seattle grocery stores, and are available for tasting in Woodinville at Columbia Winery, and in eastern WA at the Zillah Oakes (also owned by Associated Vintners) tasting room in Zillah, WA.
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Mark Cave(?)
Mark Cave 1990-present(?)
Paul Thomas 1988-1990
Brian Carter 1979(?)-1988

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