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Cascade Crest Estates Winery [defunct]
111 East Lincoln Ave., Sunnyside, WA 98944

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Old Cascade Crest Seattle Tasting room
Old Seattle Tasting room


Cascade Crest Estates Winery was a short-lived high volume winery. In 1987 a partnership group including president Toby Halbert (who'd worked 10 years in marketing at Chateau Ste. Michelle) bought the old Carnation dairy in Sunnyside. They purchased much of the equipment from the recently defunct Haviland Winery.

In the first year, they produced 170k gallons at the Langguth facility under the supervision of Mike Januik, and Mike Wallace supervised their 1988 releases. Between 1989 and 1991 Chris Smith (more recently of Bogle, Jordan, Kendall Jackson in CA) took over the winemaking reins. Apparently the venture was grossly undercapitalized at this point, causing it's failure. In 1992 Ray Sandidge was brought in as winemaker and General Manager to salvage the operation. By this time it was too late for a recovery, and it was bought out by Washington Hills in 1992(?).

Sources: [AWN-Clark] [phone conversation with Gurun Parker (late 1990's?)(accountant for CCEW)] [email from Curt Bateman 09-Jun-2005 (Regional Sales Manager for CCEW)] [conversation with Mike (Wallace 2001?) (winemaker for CCEW 1988)]
Ray Sandidge 1992
Mike Wallace 1988
Mike Januik 1987

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