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Rainey Valley Winery
8178 US Highway 12, Glenoma, WA, 98336-9606
Phone: 360-498-3060, Fax: 360-498-3061

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Production: (1997) 800 cases/year
Vineyards: none

At this writing (May-1999) Rainey Valley Winery is for sale. Follow link to Signature Service Real Estate, Commercial/Winery for details.

Situated on 103 acres with creeks, pasture and hills, this is quite a facility. Their primary business is a large Coho Salmon rearing operation for the restaurant market. The bulk of the salmon production goes to the East Coast, though local outlets include Anthony's Home Ports. Located on a main access route to many fantastic WA state scenic spots like Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier and White Pass, they're ready to enhance any National Park visit!

Although as of early 1999 there is only one small building, they have ambitious expansion plans to more than quadruple their space this year. The new building will have a large tasting room by the fireplace, deli with eating area and of course a gift shop, and a second floor dining room that looks out to Mt. Kiona. There is a U-fish pond, RV parking, and by this summer there will be a picnic area with New England style gazebo and camping area. Tours of the fish farm and a real wine cellar dug into the hillside are also on the drawing board -- talk about ambitious!

The Wines: Current releases (Winter 1999)
Robert Christian
Robert Christian 1997-present

Of special note:
Being far from any population center they are able to maintain an unhurried atmosphere of normal people enjoying good company and are always happy to have guests.

The wines have been hand-crafted all the way. Bottling, corking, shrink wrapping and labeling (including the label design) have all been done by hand by volunteers and drafted family members.

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