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Directions to San Juan Vineyards
Set your GPS destination to: Lat=Lat=48.5735, Long=-123.0697
Note! This is an approximate location -- MikeL.


    From South (Seattle) (via Mount Vernon) [dark green to light green routes on map]:
  1. Take I-5 North to exit 226 (Mt. Vernon).
  2. Left at end of ramp.
  3. After 0.2 miles, Right onto 2nd. St.
  4. After 0.3 miles, Left onto W. Division St.
  5. [Note: After 0.1 miles, Pasek Cellars is one block left on Cleveland Ave.].
  6. Continue 5.0 miles until SR-536 intersects SR-20.
  7. Left onto SR-20 Westbound.
  8. [Note: After 7.1 miles, observe SR-525 which leads to Whidbey Island Winery.]
  9. After 2.7 miles, Right onto R Ave.
  10. After 1.3 miles, Left onto 12th St.
  11. After 3.3 miles, Right onto Ferry Terminal Road.
  12. Take the Anacortes/San Juan Islands ferry (route map), (schedule) to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor).
  13. [Note! San Juan Cellars is in the mall immediately adjacent to the ferry dock.
  14. Follow ferry traffic up hill, and after 0.1 miles, go Right onto Second St.
  15. After 0.4 miles, Right onto Tucker Ave.
  16. After 3.9 miles, maybe it's somewhere around here...
    From South (Seattle) (fastest route) [light green route on map]:
  1. Take I-5 North to exit 230 (Anacortes).
  2. Left at end of ramp (West towards Anacortes).
  3. After 4.6 miles, observe SR-536 comes in from Mt. Vernon.
    [Note: Pasek Cellars is in downtown Mt. Vernon.].
  4. Follow "Driving from South (Mount Vernon)" directions from step 8.
    From South (Seattle) (scenic route) [pink route on map]:
  1. Take I-5 North to exit 189 (SR-527) West.
  2. Stay on Mukilteo Speedway until it reaches the Mukilteo Ferry dock.
  3. Take the Mukilteo/Clinton Ferry across to Whidbey Island (typically about $7).
    Clinton ferry dock camera (whidbey.net)
  4. Straight up main highway.
    [Note: After 2.8 miles, Whidbey Island Winery is 2.1 miles Right (towards Langley) on Langley Rd.]
  5. [Note: After 14.6 miles, Greenbank Farm is 0.5 miles Right on Wonn Rd.]
  6. Continue north on SR-525. (After about 20.1 miles, this requires a Left turn in the town of Oak Harbor.)
  7. After 10.6 miles, be sure to stop and look at the Deception Pass bridge.
  8. Continue North until after 6.1 miles, the road "T"s, then go Left onto SR-20.
  9. Follow "Driving from South (Mount Vernon)" directions from step 9.
    From North (Bellingham) [light green route on map]:
  1. Take I-5 South to exit 230.
  2. After 4.5 miles, observe SR-536 on the Left, which leads to Pasek Cellars.]
  3. Follow "Driving from South (fastest route)" from step 8.
Walking or bicycling:
The San Juan Islands make for a wonderful several day bike tour. (Get your B&B reservations months in advance if in summer.) Follow driving directions to Anacortes ferry dock. Leave your car at the appropriate parking area there, and walk your bikes onto the ferry.

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