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Greenbank Cellars
3112 Day Road, Greenbank, WA, 98253
Phone: 360-678-3964

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Front sign
Drive & Gallery
Crush pad
Tasting bar
with Frank
"Player" machine
"Player" machine
old film machines
Production: (1998?) ? cases
Vineyards: 3 acres, Puget Sound appellation
Distribution: ?

(Not to be confused with Greebank Farms -- an unrelated business.)

Frank has a background in the manufacturing of preserves, brandied fruits and sweet pickles and peaches. In 1991 he started making fruit wines and progressed to grape wines in 1997.

The winery is located in a century old barn at Day Road in Greenbank, which was the center of the old Day Farm. The farm is small, only five acres, three of which are being planted in grapes suitable to the Puget Sound Appellation, such as Madeline Angevine, Siegerebbe, etc. The winery makes Alsatian style whites, and two-year French oak barrel-aged reds, as well as a Loganberry wine. The emphasis is on quality and character, not volume.
Sources: [the winery]

The Wines: Current releases (Winter 2001)
As Greenbank Cellars has an official website with detailed wine notes, I'll leave this section to them. Please visit the link (above) for current wine info.

They currently produce Sauvignon Blanc, Loganberry, and Riesling, with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon on the way.

Frank Rayle 1998 - present

Of special note:
There is also an art gallery and studio on the property, featuring the artwork of Betty Rayle. They're also developing a showroom of antique "player" music instruments.

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