MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Directions to Sorensen Cellars
Set your GPS destination to: Lat=48.0849, Long=-122.8149
Get to the Olympic Penninsula by your choice of methods:
  • Port Townsend via Whidbey Island ferry -- (see From the North directions)
  • Kingston via Edmonds ferry (SR-104)
  • Clinton via Seattle ferry (SR-305 to SR-3)
  • Bremerton via Seattle ferry (SR-303 to SR-3)
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge (SR-16 to SR-3)
  • Up SR-101 from Olympia
From the North:
  1. The first takes you right into Port Townsend -- simply stay left off the ferry dock on Water St. This becomes SR-20 southbound.
  2. After 4.0 miles, Left onto Bayview St.
  3. After 0.1 miles, Right onto Otto St.
  4. The winery is about 0.1 miles ahead, on the Right.
From the South:
  1. All the latter options bring you up towards Port Townsend from the South. Take main highway north until it reaches the SR-101/SR-104 junction.
  2. Go (or stay) northbound on SR-101.
  3. After 2.4 miles, Right onto SR-20.
  4. [Note that there are several wineries starting about 25 miles to the Left.]
  5. After 8.6 miles, Right onto Seton Road.
  6. After 0.1 miles, Left onto Otto St.
  7. The winery is about 0.1 miles ahead, on the left.
  8. [Note that Fairwinds Winery is about 3.1 miles ahead.]

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