Ellis Lempriere year 2002

(This page is written in reverse chronological order so as to make it easier for the returning visitor. If you're reading this for the first time, you'll want to jump down to the end, then read it from the bottom up.)

evening 28-Dec-2002 (by Mike)

Ellis with new piggy bank Christmas present (72K).

evening 24-Dec-2002 (by Mike)

Beth and Ellis went to visit Beth's parents in Longview WA over the weekend. I got this picture picking them up at the Seattle train station (40K).

afternoon 19-Dec-2002 (by Mike)

Well, it's almost 2003! I have very high hopes of doing a better job of adding photos and commentary in the coming year! I've got a bit of free time right now, so I'm tidying up the Ellis website in preparation.

I've moved this years entries from this main page to the new 2002 page -- if you haven't visited recently, do take a minute to drop in there as there were new entries added in Nov. and Dec.

I've also fixed a few missing pictures and broken links. Please note also that I have moved and renamed some files, so if you have links/bookmarks/favorites into this website, you may have to re-do some of them.

evening 15-Dec-2002 (by Mike)

Beth and Ellis had a busy day with Ellis at George & Lynn's -- it's cookie baking day! I spent the day on Vashon and Maury Island helping make grape cuttings for new vineyards.
Ellis and Mom on the sofa, he was sick that day (35K).
Ellis with Santa hat on. (48K).

evening 28-Nov-2002 (by Mike)

We're having a lovely, mostly peaceful Thanksgiving evening. (Yes, I know it's been a long time since we've written here, we've no excuse...)
Stunning sunset this evening (52K).
Ellis on the sofa with mom, talking to Grammy on phone. (60K).

evening 13-Apr-2002 (by Mike)

A couple of good photos:
Playing with fridge magnets (35K).
St. Patrick's day outfit (44K).

evening 07-Feb-2002 (by Mike)

We've all been really busy of late, and the digital camera didn't seem to want to let me download photos for the last 3 or 4 weeks, who know why it decided to work tonight...
A couple of weeks ago, Ellis caught an awful flu -- his temp got up to 103.8F. Here's a photo of him asleep on the stairs, completely tuckered out before we'd realized he was sick -- it was very cute until we learned why he was so tired...
Asleep on the stairs (51K).

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