Art Pepper Discography - The Discovery Sessions

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Band: Art PepperTitle: The Discovery Sessions
Label: Savoy JazzDisk #: 92846-2Disk copyright: Savoy Jazz 1999
* Hampton Hawes (p), Joe Mondragon (b), Larry Bunker (d)
Session: * 04-Mar-1952
12:21*Brown GoldD6001-7
22:39*These Foolish ThingsD6002-4
32:49*Surf RideD6003-5 (Note 2)
43:06*Holiday FlightD6004-4 (Note 2)
** Russ Freeman (p), Bob Whitlock (b), Bobby White (d)
Session: ** 08-Oct-1952
53:01**Chili Pepper (alternate)D6058-2
62:55**Chili Pepper (original issue)D6058-4
73:09**Suzy The Poodle (original issue)D6059-1
83:15**Suzy The Poodle (alternate)D6059-6
93:04**Everything Happens To MeD6060-4
102:50**Tickle ToeD6061-4
*** Jack Montrose (tenor sax), Claude Williamson (p), Monte Budwig (b), Paul Ballerina (d-1), Larry Bunker (d-2)
Session: *** 25-Aug-1954
113:10***Nutmeg (1) (original issue)D6301-3
122:57***Nutmeg (1) (alternate)D6301-4
133:54***Deep Purple (1)D6303-1 (Note 1: D6303-2?)
143:05***Cinnamon (1)D6304-5
153:30***What's New (1) (alternate)D6305-2
163:24***What's New (1) (original issue)D6305-3
173:25***Thyme Time (2) (original issue)D6306-2
183:25***Thyme Time (2) (alternate)D6306-3
192:47***Straight Life (2)D6307-2
203:06***Art's Oregano (2)D6308-5
215:29***The Way You Look Tonight (2) (alternate)D6309-2
225:29***The Way You Look Tonight (2) (original issue)D6309-5

Note 1: There is disagreement about this take number. Click session link for details.

Note 2: The disk cover shows the list as I've entered it in this table. This jibes with the "take" order in Selbert's sessionography. It also jibes with the order in the Complete Surf Ride Plus. However, the pieces actually recorded on the disk have track 3 and 4 swapped.

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