Art Pepper Discography - The Complete Surf Ride Plus

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This is an import from Japan. Please note I've omitted ? pages from the insert of japanese. It is a 2 CD set.

Many of the tunes are present on The Discovery Sessions, The Complete Discovery Sessions/Savoy Master Takes, Surf Ride (& SurfRider) however this disk contains the entire sessions.

Band: Art PepperTitle: The Complete Surf Ride Plus
Label: Disk #: Disk copyright:
* Hampton Hawes (p), Joe Mondragon (b), Larry Bunker (d)
Session: * 04-Mar-1952
1-12:21*Brown GoldD6001-7
1-22:39*These Foolish ThingsD6002-4
1-32:49*Surf RideD6003-5
1-43:06*Holiday FlightD6004-4
** Russ Freeman (p), Bob Whitlock (b), Bobby White (d)
Session: ** 08-Oct-1952
1-52:48**Chili Pepper (take 1)D6058-1
1-63:04**Chili Pepper (take 2)D6058-2
1-72:55**Chili Pepper (take 3)D6058-3
1-82:57**Chili Pepper (take 4)D6058-4
1-92:53**Chili Pepper (take 5)D6058-5
1-103:11**Suzy The Poodle (take 1)D6059-1
1-113:06**Suzy The Poodle (take 3)D6059-3
1-123:29**Suzy The Poodle (take 5)D6059-5
1-133:16**Suzy The Poodle (take 6)D6059-6
1-143:27**Everything Happens To Me (take 1)D6060-1
1-152:58**Everything Happens To Me (take 2)D6060-2
1-163:12**Everything Happens To Me (take 3)D6060-3
1-173:06**Everything Happens To Me (take 4)D6060-4
1-183:05**Everything Happens To Me (take 6)D6060-6
1-192:51**Tickle Toe (take 4)D6061-4
1-202:51**Tickle Toe (take 9)D6061-9
*** Jack Montrose (tenor sax), Claude Williamson (p), Monte Budwig (b), Paul Ballerina (d-1), Larry Bunker (d-2)
Session: *** 25-Aug-1953
1-213:12***Nutmeg (1) (take 3)D6301-3
1-223:18***Nutmeg (1) (take 4)D6301-4
1-232:57***Nutmeg (1) (take 6)D6301-6
1-242:59***Nutmeg (1) (take 7)D6301-7
2-13:56***Deep Purple (1)D6303-1
2-23:14***Cinnamon (1) (take 2)D6304-2
2-33:15***Cinnamon (1) (take 3)D6304-3
2-43:07***Cinnamon (1) (take 5)D6304-5
2-53:28***What's New (1) (take 1)D6305-1
2-63:28***What's New (1) (take 2)D6305-2
2-73:26***What's New (1) (take 3)D6305-3
2-84:08***Thyme Time (2) (take 1)D6306-1
2-93:23***Thyme Time (2) (take 2)D6306-2
2-103:27***Thyme Time (2) (take 2)D6306-3
2-112:44***Straight Life (2) (take 1)D6307-1
2-122:47***Straight Life (2) (take 2)D6307-2
2-132:50***Straight Life (2) (take 3)D6307-3
2-143:06***Art's Oregano (2) (take 1)D6308-1
2-153:06***Art's Oregano (2) (take 2)D6308-2
2-163:06***Art's Oregano (2) (take 5)D6308-5
2-175:24***The Way You Look Tonight (2) (take 2)D6309-2
2-183:45***The Way You Look Tonight (2) (take 5)D6309-5
**** Conte Condoli (tp), Bill Russo (tb), Art Pepper (as), Bob Cooper (ts), Gene Esposito (p), Don Bagley (b), Shelley Manne (ds, vo-20), Shelby Davis (vo-21)
Session: **** 12-Nov-1951
2-192:40****Pooch McGooch
2-202:26****All Of Me
2-212:26****Back In Your Own Backyard
2-223:08****The Count On Rush Street

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