Art Pepper Discography - Surf Ride (&Rider)

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Surf Rider (with the additional "r") is the same as Surf Ride, except it has 4 additional tracks (designated below with "#"; these 4 are not present on the "The Discovery Sessions". These latter 4 titles are from the same sessions as the predecessor of the same name.

Band: Art PepperTitle: Surf Ride
Label: Savoy JazzDisk #: SV-0115Disk copyright: Savoy Jazz 1991
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12:51Tickle ToeD6061-4
22:57Chili PepperD6058-2
33:10Susie The PoodleD6059-1
43:03Brown GoldD6001-7
53:06Holiday FlightD6004-4
62:49Surf RideD6003-5
72:49Straight LifeD6307-2
92:45Thyme TimeD6306-2
103:43The Way You Look TonightD6309-5
12Art's OreganoD6308-5
13#Chili Pepper (Take 3)D6058-3
14#Susie The Poodle (Take 3)D6059-3
15#Nutmeg (Take 4)D6301-7
16#Art's Oregano (Take 3)D6308-1

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