Art Pepper Discography - With Warne Marsh

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This is an import from Japan. Please note I've omitted 2 pages from the insert of japanese. I've also omitted the inner 2 pages of the sleeve as they're in also in japanese, and appear to be merely a catalog of other releases on this label. The inside of the insert is a foldout, 4 CD width sized copy of the sleeve back, which I presume is a copy of the original disk rear cover.

Many of the tunes are present on The Way It Was, however this disk contains the entire session.

Band: Warne Marsh QuartetTitle: With Warne Marsh
Label: Contemporary RecordsDisk #: VICJ-0290Disk copyright: 1997
Musicians: Warne Marsh (ts), Ronnie Ball (p), Ben Tucker (b), Gary Frommer (d)
Session: 26-Nov-1956
15:24I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (Take 1)
25:33I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (Take 2)
36:32All The Things You Are (Take 1)
46:36All The Things You Are (Take 2)
54:04What's New
74:50Tickle Toe
86:06Warnin' (Take 1)
95:51Warnin' (Take 2)
105:49Stomping At The Savoy

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