MikeL's FreeBSD howto - Name/IP change

This page is old, but may be useful, so I'm leaving it. For more recent and thorough discussion, see Change IP address. (Everything discussed here has been included in that page.)

Ok, so you're changing the name and/or IP address of an existing, running machine.

Most important - don't forget to bring your card key when you go to the co-lo site!

We're assuming we're simply moving the machine from one IP address to another, and changing it's name at the same time. We are NOT changing the domain, only the server name within the domain. As an example, what I'm doing is moving a machine from a DSL line at my home, to a high-speed co-lo. Different IP.

I'm choosing to change the name as I already have a name for that co-lo address established in DNS. The idea is to minimize the downtime during the move. I have a secondary, newer machine, which has been configured as a twin of the primary, but with the latest software, and a different subdomain name. I'll be moving this secondary to the co-lo, and once it's all happy, then change it over to being the primary, thus minimal interuption.


At least one day before move: At move time:

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