Terse WSDOT Ferry Schedule

This schedule is derived live, at request-time by a "screen-scrape" of the WSDOT ferry schedule page at http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries/schedules/current/
If WSDOT were to change the formatting of their webpage, this page will break.
In this event, please send email to mikel
Vintners.Net accepts no responsibility for any erroneous information.

This script may not properly hilite the Holiday schedule on non-weekend holidays as holidays are not present in a standardized fashion on the WSF website. However, due to my living on Bainbridge Island, I am concerned with that route, and do perform manual holiday updates when known (i.e. I receive WSF schedule updates for that route only). Any other route is not likely to have been manually updated for holidays.

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Dome traffic:
Please note that Seattle Mariners traffic can have a significant traffic impact on ferry schedules. For this reason, on Mariners home game days, a banner will be displayed indicating a home game and start time. (This information is not incorporated in the ferry schedule itself.) Note that this information is only displayed on those routes with a terminal near Seattle. These routes were chosen arbitrarily by the author and cannot be changed at this time. (Simply select a Seattle route to check.)
Mariners info is derived live from http://seattle.mariners.mlb.com/sea/downloads/Mariners2008.csv
The Seattle Seahawks game schedules will be displayed in the same manner (data derived from http://www.seahawks.com/2008Schedule.aspx).

The hilite feature uses 4 colors by default (you can change this, see below):
lightgrayindicates a departure between 40 and 90 minutes from now
darkorangedeparture between 35 minutes and 40 minutes from now (this indicates time to pack up my desk at work and start walking)
yellowdeparture between 15 minutes and 35 minutes from now
reddeparture less than 15 minutes from now
Note that multiple departures may fit this criteria, thus may be hilited at a given time. (This can be changed to hilite only the next departure if you prefer, see below.)

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