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Name of arg.valuesEffect
verbose 0-9shows more detail (debugging use)
boldpm 0,1shows pm times in bold
route textRoute, must be abbrev. see route abbrev. list for list)
ampm 0,1shows am/pm instead of 24 hour time
precedingzero 0, 1shows/supresses preceding zero on hours
remaining 0,1Include minutes remaining in times (in parens)
hilite 0,1hilites next departure
vertical 0,1displays times in a vertical manner instead of horizontal
today 0,1Only display today's schedules
terminal textterminal of departure (just need first few chars from either side of route, e.g. "sea" or "bain")
colortable textmins,color pairs; will hilite this color this many mins before depart
debug 0-9shows more detail (debugging use)
current 0,1Hilite only the current entry (vs. showing even if color table pertains)

Show terse Mariners schedule
Show terse Seahawks schedule
Show ferry schedule holiday list
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