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Today's pile of plants, 03-June-1999...

Much of what I put out this week has been out before, see the previous weeks pages for details. Specifically, there's: Butterfly Bush, Raspberry, Lychnis. Note that several pots have several different plants in the single pot. This was not intentional -- it's your win!

New plants this week:

Laburnum (probably L. alpinum, common name: Golden Chain tree)

{Apologies for the poor bloom picture (left), this is actually a closeup of a tiny background portion of a photo of a different plant.}

The chain tree starts can be recognized by the whitish stems, and lighter green, almost yellowish colored leaves. The backs of the leaves are even lighter. This will become a full out tree, 20' high, almost as wide. Once established needs no attention. Sports foot long chains of yellow to gold flowers for several weeks in May. These eventuall turn to dry peapod-like seed packets.

Lupinus (probably L. arboreus, common name: Tree Lupine)

Although Lupines are typically small and leggy, this one will get up to about 3' high, and be fairly filled out. It puts out spikes of fragrant purplish-blue rings of flowers in early summer.

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