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Today's pile of plants, 07-Mar-2001...

Some of the plants I put out this week has been out before, see the previous pages for details. Specifically, there's: Bluebells.

(Sorry, no photo of grown plant, but this will help you identify the pot.)
Yes, this is the plant they make the hot topping from... (I believe you simply clean and grind up the root, but you had better check before doing this.) This plant will take over given half a chance. I'd recommend simply burying the entire 1 gal plastic pot in the ground as a root barrier which also aids in harvesting. Likes moist soil so be sure your drip hose actually overlaps the pot in the ground.

Unknown spikey thing
I have no idea what this thing is, but it seems to want to grow fairly large. We have it in a dryish area, and it's thrived.

Bronze Fennel
This is a type the herb fennel. It has a lovely bronze color, and will get fairly leggy. As herbs go, it seems to be accepting of fairly dry conditions.

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