MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Directions to Cayuse Vineyards
Set your GPS destination to: Lat=46.0670, Long=-118.3385
    From West (Tri-Cities):
  1. Take SR-12 East to Lowden.
    [Observe Woodward Canyon Winery on left.]
  2. After 0.1 miles, observe L'Ecole No. 41 on left.
  3. After 1.3 miles, McDonald Rd on Right; leads to Waterbrook Winery.
  4. After 4.7 miles, observe Three Rivers Winery.
  5. After 5.4 miles, take "Milton-Freewater" exit, to Right (SR-125, SR-11).
  6. After 0.1 miles, Left onto W Pine St. (stay on SR-125).
    [Observe Canoe Ridge Vineyard is a few blocks ahead on 13th.]
  7. After 0.3 miles, Right onto 8th Ave. N (stay on SR-125).
  8. After 0.4 miles, Left onto Main St.
  9. After 0.5 miles, park, the winery is on your Left.
    [Observe Waterbrook Winery downtown tasting room a few doors further also on the Left.]

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