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Woodward Canyon Winery
Tasting room: 11920 W. Highway 12, Lowden
Winery: Route 1, Box 387, State Hiway 12, Lowden, WA 99360-9699
Phone: 509-525-4129

[label source: Beth Schoenberg]
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Artist series
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Artist series
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1983 Cab. label
Tasting room
Tank area
84 Cab label
Newsletters: Mar 2003 (60Kb .pdf), Nov 2002 (630Kb .pdf), Aug 2002 (1.0Mb .pdf), Feb 2002 (77kb .pdf), Feb 2002 (68kb .pdf), Nov 2001 (393kb .pdf), Harvest 2001 (166kb .pdf), Summer 2001 (176kb .pdf), Spring 2001, Winter 2001 (172kb .pdf), Fall 2000, Spring 2000.
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Production: (1995) ?
Vineyards: ?


The Wines: Current releases (Spring 1999)

Rick Small ?-present

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