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Daquila Winery [defunct]
1434 Western Ave., Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206-343-9521

  • BW-WA-?; bonded: 1986(?); first vintage: 1986(?)
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Daquila building (Pike Street Brewery)
Winery building
(Pike Street Brewery)

Daquila Winery was located in downtown Seattle, on what is now called the Pike St. Hillclimb. The location was used by the Pike Place Brewing Company in the early 1990's. The microbrewery has just moved, leaving the location vacant (Fall 1996). It's neighboring space is currently the home of Market Cellar Winery (1998).

If I understand correctly, Mr. Daquila died of heart failure in the late 1980's, and the business closed.
Sources: [WSW-WSDA]

Frank Daquila ?-?

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