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Knipprath Cellars
5634 E. Commerce Ave., Spokane, WA 99212
Phone: 509-534-5121

Knipprath 1994 Muscat Blanc label
[label source: Beth Schoenberg]
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Production: (1995) 4,000 cases, (1991) 300 cases
Vineyards: none; grapes purchased from Willard Farms, Prosser
Distribution: distributed by the winery; Spokane, Idaho, Tri-Cities

Henning Knipprath was born in Germany and raised in Southern California. While a student at California State University-Northridge and UCLA, he took wine-related courses as electives. He also spent some time as a student in the wine growing regions near Kbolenz Germany which fostered his interest in winemaking. He ended up flying for the Air Force, which allowed him to travel the world, exploring different wine regions.

Following an informal internship at Livingstone Winery in Spokane, Henning started Knipprath Cellars in 1991 with 300 cases of barrel fermented chardonnay. He was not able to devote himself to it full time until he retired from the Air Force in late 1996. The tasting room, in downtown Spokane, was opened in 1993 but has recently expanded its hours due to Henning's increased time in the winery.

As of Nov-1998, they've moved from the old location at S. 163 Lincoln St. in downtown Spokane, to a new location about 4.5 miles east.

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Henning Knipprath
Henning Knipprath 1991 - present

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