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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:44:33 -0700
Subject: Re: a little more info

> Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 19:13:01 -0700
> Subject: a little more info
> hi mike. Thanks for all your efforts on the WA wineries info. Very helpful.
> One question, the Hood Park Campground you refer to in Yakima Valley day 2,
> where is it and what are the facilities (pads, showers, cost)? I've looked
> in tourism mags and other to no avail. My wife and I will likely be camping
> for our tour, so this sounded like a possibility. Thanks for any further
> assistance.
Ugh, I knew this would catch up to me. I've been meaning to add info about it for quite a while now, but just haven't gotten to it. My wife and I haven't stayed there this year, so I'm going from memory...

The bulk of the WA wineries are in the Yakima Valley, ending at Benton City (Kiona, Hedges, Oakwood, others). Continue east from there on I-82 for about 8 miles, then take the I-182 exit towards Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick, Pasco).

From the I-82 to I-182 junction, simply stay on I-182 about 20 miles. After it crosses the Snake River, Hood Park is the first turn, immediately on the left; it's well marked.

I-182 has a few scattered wineries including Bookwalter, Barnard Griffin, Powers (aka Badger Mt.), Gordon Brothers, Claar, and Preston. Barnard, Bookwalter and Gordon are immediately adjacent the highway; Powers and Preston 5 to 10 minutes off the highway; Claar about 15+ minutes off the highway (I don't know if Claar has an open tasting room yet).

As I recall, Hood Park is an Army Corps of Engineers campground. It's on the river, and has a boat ramp. This means it's going to be busy (probably full) on the three day holiday weekends. As I recall, it's $11 or $12 overnight fee, but don't hold me to it. There is a decent bathroom with showers (no charge, it's part of the fee). It's all grass with pullout areas for the car, and a picnic table for each slot; some have barbeque stations. You pitch the tent right out the back of the car which can be incredibly convenient when you arrive late after a day winetasting and dinner in Kennewick.

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