Art Pepper Discography - The Complete Galaxy Recordings

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Art Pepper, The Complete Galaxy Recordings (Fantasy Records website)

This massive box set is both heaven and hell for the Art Pepper "completist". This set is the thing that spurred me to create this website -- when in the store staring at an unfamiliar Art Pepper disk, I'm never sure if I already have it as it may be contained in this set... (Looking for "Galaxy" as the record label is a good clue, but with all the reissues, who knows! Here is the list of released disks covered by this set, according to the booklet (not included in this website) in the set.

5 Birds and a Monk (Pepper, Klemmer, Griffin, Henderson, Land)
Art Lives
Arthur's Blues
Ballads By Four (Pepper, Klemmer, Griffin, Henderson)
Besame Mucho
Goin' Home
The Maiden Voyage Sessions, Vol 3
New York Album
One September Afternoon
So In Love
Straight Life
Tete A Tete
Winter Moon

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