Art Pepper Discography - So In Love

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If the latter cover (below) is correct, then this disk is entirely contained in the The Complete Galaxy Recordings set.

See also New York Album and The Intimate; these were other releases from the same sessions.

Band: Art Pepper QuartetTitle: So In Love
Label: "Apo/Apr-Harmonia Mundi"Disk #: ASIN B000001PFVDisk copyright:
*featuring: Hank Jones (p), Ron Carter (b), Al Foster (d)
*recording: (Selbert) 23-Feb-1979
1*Straight, No Chaser
**recording: (Selbert) 25-26-May-1979
**featuring: George Cables (p), Charlie Haden (b), Billy Higgins (d)
2**Blues For Blanche
3**So In Love

This image is copied from the website. Claims to be an audiophile recording.

I believe this latter cover was the original release, but I may be wrong.

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