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This page will eventually index the complete Art Pepper Sessionography. As I type in CDs I purchase, their info will go here -- directed of course by Todd Selbert's miraculous sessionograpy.

Art Pepper Sessionography by Todd Selbert (25.3Mb pdf) (scanned from Straight Life, includes my scribbling updates)

** 05-Aug-2020: I have not had time to do any work on this page since 2005, so it is embarassingly empty. (I have done a fair amount of updating to the discography page, but not this one.) However, Todd Selbert himself, this week has emailed me with some additions to his published sessiongraphy. I'm adding these as promptly as possible.

Session datePrimarily known as/forCmnt
15-Aug-1951Shelby Davis**
30-Apr-1953Sonny Clark
31-May-1953Sonny Clark
11-Dec-1956Jimmy Rowles
28-Dec-1956Aladdin Recordings Vol. 2
14-Jan-1957Aladdin Recordings Vol. 2
19-Jan-1957Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section
01-Apr-1957Aladdin Recordings Vol. 3
15-Jul-1959Toni Harper**
22-Feb-1960Linda Lawson**
15-Aug-1964Frankie Randall**
02-Feb-1965Frankie Randall**
17-Jun-1977Live In Toronto
02-Sep-1978Among Friends

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