MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Yakima Valley WineGrowers Association

Field Guide for spotting YVWGA winemakers:
Randy Tucker Wade Wolfe Jamie Meves David Lowe Evelyn Skelton Dave Crippin Kieth Pilgrim Brian Carter Mike Wallace Gary Rogers Joel Tefft Paul Portteus Kay Simon Ken Rehkopf Dave Minick Jo Brodzinski Tom Campbell Dave Forsythe Colleen Cave Scott Pontin
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Back row standing:
1) Randy Tucker, Tucker Cellars, 2) Wade Wolf, Thurston Wolfe Wines, 3) Jamie Meves, Staton Hills Vineyard, 4) David Lowe, Wineglass Cellars, 5) Evelyn Skelton, Oakwood Cellars, 6) Dave Crippen, Covey Run Vintners, 7) Keith Pilgrim, Terra Blanca Vintners, 8) Brian Carter, Washington Hills Cellars
Middle row standing (starts about halfway over):
9) Paul Portteus, Portteus Vineyards, 10) Dave Minick, Willow Crest Winery, 11) Dave Forsythe, Hogue Cellars
Front row standing:
12) Gary Rogers, Eaton Hill Winery, 13) Joel Tefft, Tefft Cellars, 14) Ken Rehkopf, Bonair Winery [white T-shirt with yellow label], 15) Jo Brodzinski, Seth Ryan Winery, 16) Tom Campbell, Horizons Edge Winery, 17) Colleen Cave, Stewart Vineyards [defunct] (now works for Kiona Vineyards)
Sitting on barrels:
18) Mike Wallace, Hinzerling Vineyards, 19) Kay Simon, Chinook Wines, 20) Scott Pontin, Pontin Del Roza

The photo was taken at Washington Hills Cellars (note the old-style glass-block windows visible on the top right) -- now compare to my photo of the building from the outside.

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