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Hinzerling Vineyards
1520 Sheridan Ave., Prosser, WA 99350
Phone: 509-786-2163, 800-727-6702

[Label source: Beth Schoenberg]
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YVWGA member winery
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Hinzerling winery building
Hinzerling Gerwurtztraminer label
Hinzerling 1992 Angelica label
Hinzerling 1978 Cabernet Sauvignon label
Hinzerling 1990 Wallace Port label
Hinzerling 1980 Blanc de Blanc label
Dry Gewurtz-
traminer label
Angelica label
1978 Cabernet
Sauvignon label
1990 Wallace
port label
1980 Blanc
de Blanc label
Hinzerling 1983 "Prosser Falls" label
Hinzerling Ashfall Blush label
Hinzerling 1980 Merlot label
Hinzerling 1981 Ashfall White label
Hinzerling 1982 Chardonnay label
1983 "Prosser
Falls" label
Blush label
1980 Merlot
1981 Ashfall
White label
1982 Chardonnay
Hinzerling Three Muses Ruby Port label
Hinzerling Rouge label
Three Muses
Ruby Port label
Rouge label
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Production: (1989) 3k cases, (1986) 2.5k cases, (1980) 8k cases [sic], (1976) 1k-2k cases
Vineyards: no

Hinzerling Vineyards (pronounced hyn zur ling) planted 23 acres of vinifera in an old asparagus field in 1971. The grapes' first winter was a nasty one, and all but 6 acres were killed by the cold. Mike Wallace, a graduate in Biology from Western WA Univ., got the wine bug while on military assignment near Napa Valley, then he did some graduate work at U.C. Davis in enology, and worked for a time at Simi in Healdsburg. The first commercial crush was in 1976 with a homemade basket press (made by the work crew) and bulk milk coolers for storage. In 1986, they had 30 acres of vineyards.

In 1988 the winery was sold to Californian, Don Allen, whose brother-in-law Bill Broich (formerly of Idaho's St. Chapelle winery), took over as winemaker. Apparently, after a few years and some legal troubles, the winery was returned to Mike upon Allen's failure to pay the bills, though not the vineyard. Fortunately, Mike has managed to restore the winery's quality, and has regained it's former stature.

20 years later, Hinzerling winery is still known for it's dedicated followers; each year Wallace's customers drive out to the winery for work parties to pick, crush, and bottle many of the wines. It is truly the "family and friends" operation Mike had intended it to be (Harvest Party 1997).

In 2001, they've moved a vintage 1920's home that was scheduled for demolition in Prosser to the property adjacent the winery. This is now the Vintner's Inn Bed & Breakfast. They also serve excellent wine country dinners.

Dee Wallace, founding member of the winery and WA wine industry pioneer has died at age 83 (2002).
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Mike Wallace1976-1988, 1990(?)-present
Bill Broich1988-1990(?)

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