MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Also Known As

This list comprises "second labels" and wineries that have changed name.
Winery NameReal namerename/2nd
Alexia Sparkling Wines Chatter Creek rename
Apex Washington Hills 2nd
Associated Vintners Columbia Winery rename
Bingen Wine Cellars Mont Elise rename
Blue Mountain Cellars Glen Fiona rename
Bridgman Washington Hills 2nd
Cascade Ridge Columbia Winery 2nd
Cherry Hill Stewart Vineyards 2nd
Columbia Cliffs Winery Cascade Cliffs Vineyard and Winery rename
Columbia River Cellars Preston Wine Cellars 2nd
Franz Wilhelm Langguth Winery Saddle Mountain Winery rename
Lowden Schoolhouse Winery L' Ecole No. 41 Winery 2nd
Neuharth Olympic Winery rename
Newton and Newton Whittlesey-Mark rename
Penguin Cellars Tefft Cellars 2nd
Powers Vineyards Badger Mountain 2nd
Oregon Champagne Cellar Whittlesey-Mark 2nd
Powers Badger Mountain Vineyard 2nd
Prosser Falls Hinzerling Vineyards 2nd
Quail Run Vintners Covery Run Vintners rename
Quarry Lake Balcom & Moe rename
Rushcutter Bay Paul Thomas 2nd
Saddle Mountain Winery Snoqualmie Winery rename
Sentinal Peak Silver Lake Winery 2nd
Shadow Hill Columbia Winery Special bottling
Snohomish Valley Winery Cascade Cellars 2nd
Vernier Wines Salmon Bay Winery rename
Staton Hills Winery Sagelands Winery rename
Tryptic Waterbrook Winery 2nd
Washington Discovery Coventry Vale 2nd
W. B. Bridgman Washington Hills 2nd
Whidbeys Chateau Ste. Michelle 2nd
Whittlesey-Mark Di Stefano 2nd
Windy River Cellars Blackwood Canyon 2nd
Woodburne Columbia Winery 2nd
Worden's Washington Winery Wyvern Winery rename
Zillah Oakes Covey Run Vintners 2nd

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