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China Bend Vineyard
3596 Northport Flatcreek Rd., Kettle Falls, WA 99141
Phone: 800-700-6123

[Label source: Beth Schoenberg]
  • Tours: When not too busy
  • Tasting room: April-October, 12-5 daily or by appt.
  • Official website: http://www.chinabend.com/
  • email: click to email (winery)
  • BW-WA-?; bonded 1993, first vintage 1993, WA state organic producer #69
  • Owners: Bart Loyalty Alexander & Victory Israel Alexander
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Winery building
Winery building
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Vineyard with tomatoes
Winery building
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Raspberry label
More garden
1999 Royal Raspberry label
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Viticulturist: Confidence Israel
Production: (1998) 1000 cases
Vineyards: 6 acres planted in Marechal Foch, Lemberger, Siegerrebe, White Riesling, Semillon, Chardonnay, Marechal Joffre, Leon Millot, Baco Noir, Lucie Kuilhman
Distribution: Sales at the winery and local stores

The Alexander family has been involved in small-scale agriculture and food processing for many years. Loyalty's father had experimented with home winemaking when Loyalty was young.

In 1986, the Alexanders started farming organically north of Kettle Falls, in the far northeastern corner of Washington State. They added a food processing facility two years later, where they make salsa, pickles, pickled garlic and beans, and jams. In 1993 they crushed their first grapes for wine, and have been growing ever since. China Bend also produces the Chateau L'Amour wines in conjunction with a friend who owns The Bistro in Arlington.
Sources: [the winery]

The Wines: (Summer 1998)
  • Chateau L'Amour Chardonnay (sold out)
  • Victory White (Siegerrebe) (sold out)
  • Victory Red (Marechal Foch) (sold out)
  • Lake Roosevelt Red
  • Lemberger
  • Chateau L'Amour Pinot Noir
  • Royal Raspberry (sold out)

Bart Loyalty Alexander 1993-present

Of special note:
All of China Bend's wines are made from organic grapes (the vineyards and gardens are certified organic by the state), and the wines are made without sulfites or additives. The winery is the most remote in Washington state, and is a demonstration of the Alexanders' commitment to a natural lifestyle. The organic gardens surround the winery, food processing facility, and the Alexanders' home. There is also boat moorage on Lake Roosevelt with access to the winery. A trip to the winery feels like a trip back 30 years to a naturalistic commune, and a visit with Loyalty reinforces this feeling.

Loyalty sees wine as the ultimate in healthy, natural foods when it is grown and made as China Bend does: organic gardening practices, only yeast--no preservatives--added during processing. Says Loyalty, "I want to bring peace to the world, and good healthy wine."

China Bend has several annual festivals: a Memorial Day weekend celebration, Fourth of July celebration, garlic festival in late August, and a Nouveaux festival the second weekend in November.

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